• From Wedding Industry Leaders

    Wish Upon a Wedding is a wonderful organization doing something for people that no other in history ever has.
    —Donnie Brown,
    Event Designer and TV Personality

    Everyone deserves to have the most romantic, fabulous wedding day of their lives. I support Wish Upon A Wedding and encourage my friends and colleagues in the wedding and events industry to join in this cause!
    —Steve Kemble,
    America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru

  • From Wish Recipients

    When Wish Upon a Wedding came and granted our wish, they gave me a feeling of hope. You made a wish come true that I never thought would ever come true.
    —Djay, Wish Recipient

    For one night Nick felt like a normal man who was loving me. And for one night I felt like a woman who was able to love her husband instead of wondering what was going to happen next.
    —Bahar, Wish Recipient

  • From Wish Granters

    Volunteering for Wish Upon a Wedding was one of the most extraordinary life-changing experiences I’ve ever had. It changed me, it changed my perspective on my own life, it changed my perspective on my job and the industry I work in.
    —Heather, Wedding Planner & Wish Granter

    I donate my services to a wedding, I expect nothing in return and my heart is just overfilled with joy. I would love to do it again.
    —Pam, Photographer & Wish Granter